ANEW Resort Ingeli Forest



7.4km – Track – Easy (Hiking & Running)
12.1km – Track – Moderate (Hiking & Running)
3km – Track – Easy (Cycling)
3.5km – Track – Easy (Cycling)
7.5km – Track – Moderate (Cycling)
10km – Track – Moderate (Cycling)
15km – Track – Moderate (Cycling)

With mountain biking and trail running tracks, allowing you the opportunity to truly appreciate our natural surrounds

Ingeli Trail guaranteed to send you on a nice trek through the indigenous vegetation! The trail leads to waterfalls and streams, waterfalls are always a lovely sight to stumble across when breaking a sweat hiking, walking, or biking, enjoy the refreshing splash of water on your faces! There are a variety of smaller trails that lead off from the main trail, all with their own distances, perfect for any type of traveller!



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