Healthy Lifestyle Adventures await with the Norflex Adventure Guide Website

Healthy Lifestyle Adventures await with the Norflex Adventure Guide Website

Media Release – Norflex Adventure Guide

Draft 3

16 April 2024

Even though we are heading into cooler weather, there are still some great places to exercise and enjoy the outdoors while soaking up the sun! Make it a healthy and physically fit winter this year with the newly launched Norflex Adventure Guide.

Being active is important not only for your physical wellbeing but for your mental health too. Research has shown that exercising, especially in the outdoors, has own additional benefits. This includes that exercising outdoors helps people find and maintain regular physical activity. Another benefit is that these types of activities often appeal to a broad array of people with different fitness levels and are also often very cost-effective1.

Whether you want to hike a breathtaking new route, experience the thrill of running a new scenic trail, push yourself to pedal a different terrain or find a spot for a swim or a walk, the Norflex Adventure Guide is your go-to for all things excitement and an invitation to discover where to unlock more outdoor fitness and adventure opportunities.

Norflex Guide is a user friendly website that showcases many of the fun hikes, runs and swims across South Africa Search for the adventure of choice anywhere in the country, whether you prefer an easy, moderate or hard workout, with ‘fun’ being an option too! Let us know which adventures you try, and which ones you want us to include, by liking our page and sending us a message on Facebook.

The Norflex Adventure Guide is also a useful resource to find a local Park Run, whether you are looking at a location close to where you live, or want to join others when you are travelling. The Park Run is a weekly event usually held on a Saturday that invites people of any fitness level to walk, jog or run 5km, with runs taking place in over 210 venues around the country2.

Go to to find your next adventure and don’t forget to review each experience on the website.



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